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Repairing Your Own Digital Capacitance Meter

By on August 7, 2010

capacitor tester

Have you encounter before a blown digital capacitance meter caused by undischarged voltage from the big filter capacitor? Sometimes one may have forgotten to discharge the big capacitor and directly place the test leads on the cap. You will hear a sound “Pop” and then the display will go off. The sound was from the fuse (usually 0.25 amp) and usually after replacement of the fuse, the meter will still not work and it may have a running display. I have to admit that i accidentally blown about few digital capacitance meter during the early days of using it. As time progress, you will automatically  discharge the cap before using it. I had few meters also that had accidentally blown by new staff.

My point here is that one must take care of this meter and usually once it blow, although you can replace the fuse and some of the components in it, the meter will still not work. This is because the surge from the big capacitor was too great that it penetrate to the CPU IC in the meter.  Since i have few similar meters with me thus it was easy for comparison. Have you come across such situation before? Are you  able to repair the meter?

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