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How To Get At Least 5 to 10 Service Call Per day

By on March 16, 2011

Do you know that getting service call from customer is very important? Regardless whether it is a under warranty call or call to pick up the repair item, you must attend it in a professional way.  Under warranty call does not mean that you will make losses because if you give good customer support the customer will eventually spread the good news about your company. It will be better if you get service call to repair the customer set. How do you get at least 5 to 10 service call perday? I mean the call to ask for pick up and repair the equipment. There are few ways that you can do it but i may need your ideas too to help all the fellow repairer.

1) Faxing to the shop that is dealing with the equipment that you are repairing. If you are repairing computer related products then fax it to the computer shop about the services you are providing.

2) Distributing flyers  in housing area- If those houses area can be accessed then you can put your flyer in their letter box. Many people are lazy to carry their equipment to repair shop. If you provide the service of pick up with reasonable price you have the chance to get the business

3) Advertise in local magazine- In my city there is a company that specialize in distributing monthly magazine to a specific area. That means if you live in a place called “A” the company will only distribute their magazine to “A”only and they would not distribute the magazine to other places which is too far from “A”.  And there is no point for you to advertise in other area (far places) because you will make losses in the traveling time, petrol, paying toll and etc.

4) Make sure you always carry name cards with you-Name cards are meant to be given away. If you see your friends and relatives make sure you tell them the nature of your business and give them your name card. Who knows they may have good business deal for you.

There are more ways to  increase the service call and i would like to hear from you how this can be done. Feel free to give your comment and I’m sure many blog reader will appreciate your contribution-thanks!


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