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    New Sony LED/LCD TV Repair Case History Ebook By Damon

                        Check out Damon’s latest SONY LED/LCD TV Repair Ebook by clicking on the Ebook cover. This ebook is the...

    • Posted 6 mins ago
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  • software
    The basics of electronic security bypassing

                Enter into the deep of the world of binaries – well come to my kingdom Hi everybody, today I will bring some mysterious...

    • Posted 17 mins ago
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  • car battery charger repair
    Car Battery Charger Repaired

                  Yesterday my friend brought his friend’s Car Battery Charger. A model PRO USER- EBC4. For 12V LEAD BATTERY 4A Charging. After opening...

    • Posted 18 mins ago
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  • toshiba laptop repair
    Toshiba Laptop With Grinding Noise Repaired

                      A customer came to my workshop with his Toshiba Laptop with the complaint of grinding noise from inside the laptop....

    • Posted 3 days ago
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  • smps repair
    iMicro SMPS Repaired

                I was called by a co-worker because her PC was restarting continuously and a message was shown in Display: Power supply surges detected...

    • Posted 3 days ago
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  • volkswagon car problem solved 7
    Volkswagon Polo 1.6TDI 6R1 year 2010 idling problem solved

                      I got a call from a local car-repairing garage.They asked me to come to the workshop and see what can...

    • Posted 5 days ago
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  • remote control repair
    Hyundai I20 Remote Key Repaired

                  My elder brother came to my house and handed over to me his HYUNDAI I20 CAR REMOTE KEY which is damaged from...

    • Posted 5 days ago
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  • plasma tv repair
    Plasma TV Recycled For Education

                    Ever since I have taken up electronics as a hobby, everyone seems to have a faulty electronic appliance. I work for...

    • Posted 1 week ago
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