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  • hdd repair
    HDD information totally recovered

                  I received a call from the owner of this ASRock P4VM890 PC needed to recover the information of a Hard Disk Driver...

    • Posted 1 day ago
    • 2
  • mug printing machine repairi
    Mug Printing Machine Repaired

                  There is no model number for this machine that was brought to my shop for repair. It powers up fine but once...

    • Posted 2 days ago
    • 8
  • noaudioinpcrepairs
    No Audio Out in PC solved

                    This ASUS i7 PC was brought to me because after a preventive maintenance it received, the front Audio out was lost....

    • Posted 2 days ago
    • 5
  • android tablet repairing
    An Iconia Android tablet brought back to life. Model: Acer A500

                  A customer bought this used Android tablet but when he tried to power it up, it did not. He explained that when...

    • Posted 3 days ago
    • 14
  • audio mixer repairing
    How I clean/restore Audio Faders

                    Most of the times when I receive Audio Mixers as used in the Pro Audio, I’m required to service the Volume...

    • Posted 4 days ago
    • 27
  • meter repairings
    Zero adjustment problem in Multimeter solved

                    My Sunwa Multimeter KS-268 had a problem of can’t adjust the knob to zero Ohm. I took the variable resistor (VR) out...

    • Posted 4 days ago
    • 26
  • pcpost message repairs
    PC POST error message eliminated

                    The complaint of this ASUS P5LD2-VM/S PC was an error message which appeared every time you started the PC.   This...

    • Posted 4 days ago
    • 7
  • trainingrepair2
    Completed Another Basic Electronics Repair Course

                    Just completed another Basic Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair course for 3 participants. One participant from Kuala Lumpur and the other two...

    • Posted 4 days ago
    • 4

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